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Can I capture video files from DVD recorder?

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For years I used Creator NXT 2 to copy TV shows I liked. I recorded them on a DVD recorder with +RW disks and used Capture to import them to my Windows 7 laptop, edited out the sections I didn't want with Videowave, used MyDVD to compile two or three shows on one disk and burned them to an .iso . The Windows 7 laptop started to have problems importing the video so I installed the program on a Windows 10 laptop and that seemed to  work.

Two days before Christmas the video capture stopped working. I had also discovered that disks I made with MyDVD with three programs on the menu seemed to compile normally but when I burned them there was no menu.  Creator NXT 2 is fairly old, was there an expiration date?

Any way, I decided to invest in Creator NXT 8, as it advertised that it could pick up files from older devices. I downloaded and installed it on the Windows 10 program. I was happy to find that it seemed to recognize the files on the disks I recorded. However, when i tried to edit them on Videowave, there is no audio. Why not?

The files are in two folders, labelled VIDEO_RM  and VIDEO_TS.

What can I do? BarbP





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A followup: I tried using the Creator NXT 8's version of Videowave and got an error message when I tried to add a video.

It said "could not create the new renderer object. This might be caused by DirectX 9.0 not being installed or the display adapter not fully supporting DirectX 9.0"

I looked for DirectX 9.0. I found my Windows 10 laptop has DirectX 12 installed. Microsoft does not recommend trying to install DirectX 9 instead of 11 or 12, but a Microsoft forum I found had many people complaining that their programs no longer worked when DirectX 9 was gone. 

Is this my problem?


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