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"Last command can't be done" error


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Sorry for my english, i'm italian.

i have bought Toast 19 pro on my new imac 2020 i7

i burn bluray of the racing event i have saw, on the older mac with toast 17 no problem, here i can't burn a proper BD. at the end of burn i receive the error of the attached image. Toast have all the access, what is it?  i put in the trash 4 BD disc. i saw i strange thing: when i remove the menu, the type of the disc change to CD, and i have to reinsert BD. Toast 17 haven't this problem.

i have put in the trash 108 euros? i think it's a problem of my new imac, but i have concess all the access to toast.


the BD is burned with this error at the end, i put the disc in the BD player and it go fine with no problem. i can do fast forward or back. when i move the chapter (the one automatic, no selected by me) work also fine, but then i cant do FF or FB anymore, the video is blocked. and i have to push play and move from chapter but not fast forward

Schermata 2021-01-27 alle 17.26.03.png

Schermata 2021-01-27 alle 17.26.23.png

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