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Steve Mtn

Toast 19 on Mac uploaded Data size of Classic vs Updated

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As a first time user of Toast 19 on Mac , not finding the Toast user guide to have many needed details.

Creating a Blu-ray Disc with Toast 19 pro on iMac with Catalina OS.  Uploading 20.03 GB of 8 related slideshows created with Final Cut and compressed with Compressor.  When uploaded to the classic menu view it shows 18.34 GB  on the disc (-1.69 GB less than the original) and the updated view shows 30.89 GB on the disc (+10.86 GB more that the original).

The classic view burned on a 25 GB Blu-ray Disc, but prefer the menu and chapter options better with the updated view.  Thought the GB readout on the updated view might be an error, but it would not burn on a 25 GB disc.

How can there be less GB on the classic but more GB on the updated view?

How do I resolve this?


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I did not realize there was a "Classic Mode". How do I set that -- I think I have gone through all the menus and preferences, but I must have missed something!


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