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Videowave Can't import MP4 video files

Chris Nicola


For some reason Videowave can't import MP4 video files. I get a no entry sign and an error message that the file can't be imported. Also Video capture and convert can't import MP4 video and the sound editor can't import MP4 audio. I am wondering if this is a Windows 10 bug or there may be a missing codec somewhere. In the past, I tried reinstalling NXT4 and it did not fix the problem of the sound editor being unable to import MP4 audio. Your advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards



Error 2.JPG

Videowave Error.JPG


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Hello Chris,

Sorry to be so late to the party, but this one has taken me all day (thanks to the excessive speed of Windows updates ?)

My backup drive held Windows 10 version 2004 (19041.330), and it handled MP4 files nicely.


I spent all afternoon and much of the evening updating Windows 10 (like watching paint dry!!!), and a few minutes ago I finally arrived at version 20H2 (19042.844).    I don't know why Windows updates wait for ages after downloading before they start installing, or why they take so long to install.

Anyway, NXT4 is still behaving, and handling MP4 files just as it was before.   I'd show  you another screen clip, but it's the same as the first, so there's not much point.    So it seems it's NOT Windows 10 or its updates per se, that's stopping yours from handling MP4s.

Looking for CODEC lists, I found a site which said

"Codec Information Through Windows

Go to Help -> About Windows Media Player, then click on the Technical Support Information link at the bottom. This will open a webpage that lists several bits of information including installed audio and video codecs."

You have to run Windows Media Player (eeew!) to do this, but I did, and got this result for my machine:


If it's any help to you, these appear to be the video CODECs I have installed, and my NXT4 is processing MP4 files properly.

Regards, Brendon


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Thank you very much for your reply Brendan. I tried to see what video codecs I have installed via Windows media player but could not find any menu to get to "Help/About Windows media Player". It seems they have hidden it well. Right clicking the WMV window does not enable me to see that option. You helped me to get on the right track though, and I did a Google search and found it's possible to use third party software like, "Sherlock" to see which codecs I have installed.


According to the "Sherlock" report,  the codec, "VBA surface allocator" is broken due to a missing driver because it wasn't uninstalled properly. Well, whatever that means, I was sure that was not the problem.

Anyway I decided to try to import an MP4 file with Videowave again. Today it worked fine! I also tried to import an MP4 audio file using the Roxio sound editor and it worked fine as well! Now, I have been having this problem with the sound editor not being able to import MP4 audio for about a year. (In the past, uninstalling and reinstalling NXT4 did not fix that problem). I am wondering what happened in the last 24 hours that fixed it.  It could have been one of 2 things. I was doing some troubleshooting yesterday, and I think I did a repair install of NXT4 from control panel. The other thing is that I went to play an MP4 video sent from a friend's phone and it would not play on my KLite media player. So I downloaded and installed the latest Klite Mega pack and during the install it said that a certain media splitter (Hagaki?) should be removed and replaced by the one from KLite,  so I clicked OK. Then this particular video played fine. 

So did the "repair install" fix the, "MP4" problem or did installing the KLite Mega codec pack help?  

Anyway, its good to be up and running again.  It's also encouraging to receive help and support from the forum.

Thanks again Brendan.

Kind regards




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