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David Kellett

Cannot burn DVD

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Whenever I try to burn a dvd, and I have tried with two different DVD burners, I get the following error:

BurnerState_Aborting failure.

Reason: Unknown error. Code: 2147500035.


Can anyone help?

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You don't say which application you're using when trying to burn your DVD - Secure Burn or MyDVD ?  I'll guess MyDVD.  Please correct me if needed.

Code 2147500035  is the decimal value for Error 0x80004003, COM Exception Encountered Unexpected Error, whatever that means.

BurnerState_Aborting failure, is probably more useful but even then it's delightfully vague - Thanks Microsoft.

Since there's something going wrong when you're trying to burn to disc, can you find out if the error is happening while the disc is being assembled, or when it tries to actually burn to plastic?    When you're ready to burn, tell the software to Save Project to an ISO Image by clicking on the floppy disk icon next to the flame "burn" icon.   If it can successfully make an ISO, then you know the disc assembly is fine but something's wrong with the burner - or vice versa.    If you can successfully make an ISO, then you can test the burner by using the Burn Disc Image selection on the Creator main menu.   If you can't make an ISO with the video content you're using, try a test run with different source video to rule out your source material being the cause of the problem.

Please try that and let us know how it goes.   Saving to an ISO won't waste another blank DVD.


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