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no effects available in Videowave


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In NXT 8 the following are missing Text effects/Video effects/transisions----- the only thing running is transition themes. NXT8 is updated tp SP2. Will a repair cure this if so how do I run a repair. Thank you in advance. All the above have worked in the past. Also it has started to crash

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In Videowave the Add Content panel should look like this:


Are the buttons actually missing, greyed-out, or not operating for you?  (Probably not too important, but it might indicate how broken it is).


I've not seen this fault reported before - NXT 8 is perhaps too new.   A repair shouldn't hurt it, and might well fix it.    You should turn off your anti-virus measures before starting the repair, along with any other programs that don't need to be running.

To run a Repair, go to your Control Panel, Programs and Features, and locate Roxio Creator NXT 8 or NXT Pro 8 (whichever you have).   Click on it and on the "Organise" line at the top of the list of programs an "Uninstall/change" button should appear.


Click that, and the Roxio setup wizard should run.  Click Next


Select Repair, and follow the prompts.   After everything has finished and the hue and cry has died down you'll probably have to restart the machine.   Remember to restart your anti-virus again, too.  A good thing about Repair is that it doesn't cost you an "install" from your install counter at Roxio HQ.

Best regards, Brendon

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Thank you Brendon NO they are not greyed out and it is text effect, Overlay, Video effect, and Transition  click on any and up comes the box blank with in the head it says All (blank box) click on the down arrow and list of effects appears click on any one and it says "there are no items to show" and this is the same for all the effects that i have listed it is driving me nuts

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Good news Brendon Repair sorted it thank you for your valued advice it is NXT 8 I have I idnt think I need the extra bits in PRO.

Kind Regards


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  • Brendon changed the title to no effects available in Videowave

Thanks Johnnie,

So something broke several parts of Videowave, but we don't know what it was that did this.  

HOWEVER a Repair using the method outlined has restored the program and fixed the problem.   We'll take the win!  :)

Go well, and stay safe.


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