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Is it time to leave Roxio


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I have NXT 8 running widows 10 up to date 64bit a good graphics card. I have been using Roxio for a long time down the years but it seems that apart from a few whistles here and there all the usual problems with videowave 32bit have never improved,  at least that is how it seems for me. I admit I don't use it every single day but when a project calls for it.It is one of those programmes that I am loathe to move away from and having to learn a whole new process again BUT I think I am now getting fed up with all the problems that I have encountered with this NXT8 the two main problems are it just hangs or it just vanishes whilst working on it without warning i.e.NO programme has stopped working box etc. So is it time to bite the bullet and move onto a different offering BUT which one I quite understand that of course it could be me and that I am not very good at using it BUT it seems to me that support is really not up to  the standard you would expect when you ask them a question and if it wasn't for this forum I don't think there would be any effective support because Roxio support all comes from the far east and I am trying to figure out why Coral still pushes it so my question is "Is it time to leave Roxio in the bin and move on. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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