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How to add album cover/artwork to a CD I'm burning?



I'm not talking about a disc label. I'm talking about a small image file that would display along with track info when I play the disc in the car. I use the Music Disc Creator in Roxio Creator NXT2 (build 1500B05C) on a Win 7 PC. I burn from .wav files. When I make a disc, there is a Project Settings and I can put a Disc Name and Artist Name. These along with the track name show on the display in my car. But I can't figure out how to add an image that will also display. When I play commercial CD's in the car, it displays artwork along with the track info, artist name, album name, etc.


Is there an option to do this with Music Disc Creator? I seem to have a few different CD burning options as part of the NXT 2 Suite. If I open up Roxio Creator, I get a menu where i pick the type of disc I'm making. I can select Audio CD and the interface looks different what what I get with Music Disc Creator, but I still don't see how to add an image to the dics.

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Hello again AgentAlbert,

The Red Book Standard for audio CDs allows only for CD Audio and CD-Text on a disc.   The disc, artist, and track names can be recorded as CD-Text but there's no provision for CD-Art on a standard audio CD.              I'd be really interested to know the Make/Model of the player in your car, and if the car connects to the Internet.

Usually player software in PC or 'connected' car queries a database when you insert the disc, and if it recognizes the CD it will send the Art back for display.     Unknown CDs you make for yourself won't be recognized, so they don't get a result from the database.

NXT 2 offers to let you make:

-audio discs [standard discs, as above]           No art.

-MP3/WMA discs [Data disc with MP3 or WMA files stored]     Sometimes these files carry Art embedded.

-DVD music discs [music with menus, plays on DVD players]     Actually a DVD soundtrack with a picture instead of a video.


Does this help clarify things??



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That does help. The car is a Subaru Legacy 2016. It probably is accessing some database to get a small image file and display that. I was hoping (as you can embed an image even in a .wav file) that this would carry forward and display off of the CD, but I guess that data (the picture) is probably lost in the process of writing the data to the CD.


Thanks for the reply.

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