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Copy DVD Issues


So I'm having issues with the copy DVD app on NXT 6.  I'm using Win 10.  Th app goes through the copy step to save a temp image.  I put a similar DVD in and it starts.  Sometimes it allows me to do multiple copies (2 or 3).  Other times it stops after the copy, and doesn't eject the original.  It then will make a new temp image of the copy and go through the step again.  It is getting really frustrating.  I thought I would  try to repair the install but there is no option for that only uninstall.     Sometime ago it had a disk burn option but that doesn't seem to be there anymore.  Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks        Tony

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Tony, your NXT 6 does seem very mixed-up and erratic.   Your idea to Repair is a good one, but "Repair" is a couple of steps in on this software.

If you go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, selecting Creator will bring up an Uninstall/Change button


Click that, and the Roxio Setup wizard will load


If you click the Next button the wizard will allow you to Repair or Remove the software.


Hopefully this will restore your suite to proper operation.   If it doesn't, I'm afraid that you will need to Remove the software, tidy up, and then reinstall it from the beginning.

Regards, Brendon

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