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I am shocked at Toast 19 Pro in 2021.

I wish we could just pay Adobe to revive Encore properly.

For 100 bucks in 2021 I’m shocked. Come on Toast! Really.. Why don’t you care? Have you even looked at your own forums?

I’m here writing this as I try to create an iso / .toast to burn and the encode times are outlandish.

128gb ram / media on M.2 / w9100 16gb

I thought it was my burner until I noticed it did everything right outside of Toast. Pioneer 206D

So what are we getting with Toast Pro in 2021?

No custom menu options? When the hell..

19 iterations and I have to “turn off” advertising within the “pro” UI?

UI mislabeled as Burning disc instead of encoding?

why is encoding so slow? These formats have been around for 20+ years.

why are the “pro” menu template designs like circa 1992?

why are we using work-around methods to burn when the function should just work? Right?

I hope people use your auxiliary programs but I’ve always used Adobe.

Why can’t Toast be your priority? I don’t want the other programs. Just a working Toast, why can’t ya’ll be kick &%$. 

This is the fourth straight purchase of Toast I’ve made since v6. What have you developers done with our money? Not very much!!!

This “encoding” (Burning disc?) who knows.. has been stalled at 63% for 45 minutes. I could have encoded every asset in best quality with any other program! Anything! My phone could have done this already twice at least. This is constant, I’ve been trying to burn your menu out for days and get junk discs. They just load with a black screen and neither the intro video or menu catches. You have no documentation of this, no foresight into your own product. I don’t want a phone call I want this to work after decades of Toast iterations!

It takes so long I thought to actually do a test DVD so I don’t waste any more BR / DVDDL media.. in looking up the issue again, I found this thread and wrote this, while I waited to create an iso / .toast. 

Dude why is this mislabeled encoding taking so long? Is this 1992?

still here, still 63%.. might be this way forever!

I’m lucky this is only making me miss out an opportunity to pass on a first birthday video (after all of 2020) to my family in person, guess there’s no deadline and I can mail something out later. Lets say I needed Toast 19 pro for work on production, with deadlines. I couldn’t rely on this. But rely on what anyway? Trash templates and limited execution.

Not the forums, tech help or user guide can help here. The issue I am having is your aged and mismanaged product sitting rancid for purchase, Toast 19 Pro.


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