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NXT Pro 8 - video apps and other will not start

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Keeping up their tradition of being hit and miss with installs, NXT 8 has problems (latest service pack installed) on my machine.

I uninstalled my AV (so that excuss is gone) and installed NXT Pro 8 without errors being reported. Gave it a quick test and found:

  • videowave will not start
  • capture video will not start
  • Browse and manage media will not start

I evenutally get the generic C++ runtime error for some of these. If you want to watch an exciting video of things not working I have attached it.

So any one got any clues?



  • 5930 i7
  • Window 10 upto date
  • 1060GTX
  • 32Gb
  • Tried with and without a video source
  • ~512Gb free disk space
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Found the problem.

Here were the steps

  • Goto to event viewer / windows logs / applications and look for errors generated by the roxio software.
  • In my case there was an event that roxmediadb15 tried to start divxdec.ax and it failed.
  • divxdec is an old decoder and most likely bagage from some other software I used, anyway as it is not part of roxio and old I uninstalled the divx decoder and this solved the problem.

On a different PC which codec is failing and how to uninstall it  is left to the reader.

A hint from the software that a module had failed to load would have been good practice and saved some time.

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I did an online chat with support about this issue. They gave me a link to KB Article to do a clean install.
I followed the steps and it fixed everything.
The total time to remove all the files & registry entries and install everything (including the updates) was about 3.5 hours.
Here are the instructions.

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