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Drivers for old roxio gamecap HD


My driver for the roxio gamecap is corrupt, i have attempted to do the following troubleshooting:

repairing the drivers through the software install wizard's "repair" option. This leads to the error window in screenshot #2 as I am unable to locate the file it is asking for.

Installing the software on a separate PC, and ensuring that i plug in the device only after the software is fully installed, this lead to the exact same result.

Uninstalling the software entirely, removing the drivers, downloading the software, and ensuring i install the software first before plugging in the device.

contacting the text-chat support and asking for the drivers


This has lead to nothing so far. Any solution is greatly appreciated.



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Roxio GAMECAP drivers under 'other devices' means someone plugged in the device before installing the software and drivers!

With the device plugged in you need to right-click uninstall the GAMECAP listed in other devices and any Roxio entry under 'sound video and game controller's' in device manager.

Then unplug the USB device and reboot the pc, run the installation disc and choose repair, when done reboot the PC and plug in the USB device.

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