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Garbled Chapters





I added a bunch of chapters to a movie and they got scrambled


1. Started w. a 50 minute movie (about 10GB)

2. Trimmed from the begining about 20 minutes resulting in a movie about 31 minutes long.

3. Put chapters at approximately the following positions (in minutes)

9 minutes

11 minutes

12 minutes

22 minutes

25 minutes

27 minutes

28 minutes

and hit OK


The menu (and chapter editor when I go back in) shows chapters at (approx minutes)






40 (beyond the end of the movie) chapter image is blue.

44 blue chapter image

45 blue chapter image

46 blue chapter image


It's as if it's positioning the chapters relative to the start original (pre-trimmed) movie.


I'm running a Dell E510 w. 2GB RAM.


Any ideas?


Thanks, George

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I have never used Trimmer… My preference is to use the Timeline and move the slider where I want to start a deleted section and Split.


Then move the end and Split again.


Make sure right area is selected and Delete.


Of course any chapter points occurring After the delete will show adjustments in time.

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I think I can reproduce this.


1. Edit Movie

2. Double click movie to bring up video trimmer

3. Use blue pointer on slide bar to position offset somewhere into the movie

4. "Mark"

5. use handy dial thingy and frame advance button to fine tune position

6. Mark again.

7. create chapter near end of movie and hit OK

8. Check out the menu and edit chapters screen again. It's knackered up.


I think the 2nd mark offset is being added to the first instead or replacing it.


I'm guessing the work around is to trim, exit the program and reenter but I haven't tried it.



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