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Simple way to burn my wife's lecture to a DVD disk playable in any DVd player


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My wife just completed her thesis presentation and I recorded it on our brand new HD camcorder. It would appear it recorded this roughly 1hr 46 min. lecture in MP4 format (although no doubt I could use my old Roxio Creator 2012 Pro to convert it to practically any format, I'd guess...), but I just cannot get a 'useful' DVD for payback in a DVD/BluRay player that is connected to our 4K TV by using Creator 2012 (which was the last version I presently own, altho I'm certainly NOT adverse to 'upgrading' if it will make something like this easier to accomplish).  Since the 'rest of the family' would also like a DVD disk of their own (and most do NOT have a BR disk player), I'm just trying NOT to suffer a mental breakdown in making this attempt. I have this video on my hard disk in my Win10 PC in both MP4 and MPEG-2 formats so, I'm looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this soon (like, by next week..?).  It's been WELL over 8 or more years since I even broke out my old Roxio Creator 2012 and attempted anything like this so.. NO, I'm no longer even minimally 'conversant' with Roxio (Just sayin'...).  Any help out there for this (seemingly herculean) effort...?

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