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What does use simulator mode mean? Fix for invisible chapter markers in updated

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I have been having trouble with toast 19 showing the chapter markers on the first page of the Scene Selection menu.  Instead of showing the menu it starts playing the movie and the buttons are invisible. Since I created it I know they are there and can somehow maneuver to the next page where they show correctly.  I contact support and they said they would contact me back but no response and it has been 4 days.  


I saw here to try the classic mode. It does show the menus but it lists "Chapter 1, 2 etc instead of the chapter name.  Under advanced there is an option "use simulation mode" what does that mean?.  Will it let you preview what the disc will look like?  I can't seem to be able to customize the markers - it shows Chapter 1, 2 etc instead of a name.  Is there a way to rename them?  or it to use the name I created in Final Cut X?  Your help is appreciated.  


Either help me fix the updated version or how do I rename chapter markers and is there a way to preview in Classic ?  

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