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Using Roxio Creator MyDVD


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Many menus have space for an image in the menu, but I have seen no information in the manual on how to populate the image.

I have submitted this question to Roxio support, but I still do not have an answer.

The space for the image is filled with a checkerboard pattern:


My question is how do you populate that space with an image?

Thanks in advance for any support.

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Hello SemiCode,

I don't usually have anything to do with Corel's MyDVD, but nobody else has replied so I tried to find an answer for you.

I set up a project with a template similar to yours (one picture space) and added four random video clips.


I couldn't find any way to specify a picture to go in the menu, but when I ran a Preview of the project a few seconds of each clip were shown one after the other in that picture space, in a continuous cycle.


I think the picture spaces on the menus are reserved by MyDVD for previews, and the user can't put pictures in them. 

A comprehensive manual would be good.



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It was  very kind of you to look into this.

I did figure out  these areas were being populated by the videos, but in my case I had a very complicated layout with three layers of menus. I was trying to use one of these layouts in the first layer and they were not seeing the videos two layer away. I corrected the project by not using the those layouts in the early layers.

With that change, the previews were working.

Unfortunately, when I tried to create an ISO file, all I got was an "unknown error." I also tried to burn the project to a Blue Ray disk and got the same error.

Support was not able to resolve the issue and I ended up getting a refund.

I am starting over with DVD Architect and hopefully will have better luck with that application.

Best regards and thanks again for reaching out.

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I'm sorry it didn't work for you.   I had kept abreast with Roxio's MyDVD for a long time, but Corel banished that a few versions back in favor of their own abbreviated software and things have not been the same since then.   :(

I'm glad you got a refund, and wish you well with your new application.

Stay safe.

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