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Roxio Toast 20 Pro purchased but they sent me Toast 19 Pro which I already had


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Not sure what is going on with Roxio these days but I purchased Roxio Toast 20 Pro. I was told it was arriving from Ireland to where I live in Essex, UK.

Opened up the large parcel to find a Toast 19 Pro disc sealed case instead. So I checked my receipt to make sure I hadn't purchased the same disc.

That was only yesterday but now I am stuck in the process of trying to return the disc sent and receive the new disc which seems like its a real long winded process via case numbers and not much communication if I am honest.

Whoever is handling the problem isn't doing a particularly great job of it so far. I have no idea when or if I am going to receive the new disc (which of course I should be entitled to since I have not got what I have paid for).


I just wanted to pre-warn anybody purchasing the disc in the UK that you might get sent the wrong disc like I have. I will of course post my progress should I get anywhere but have a feeling it is going to take a long while.



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I have been told by technical support that tracking information has been sent to my registered email address for shipping of Roxio Toast 20 Pro. Haven't received anything as yet (checked junk mail filter). They even closed the ticket support and I have to reply to keep it open. It's beyond a joke now. If you buy something from the online store you should be able to email them if there is a problem - not be sent on one giant merry-go-round that is the technical support. Starting to lose faith now and feel I am just being fobbed off every time I speak to technical support. I guess I will have to write a letter of complaint to Corel Headquarters in UK which may well be quicker.

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Pleased to say as of now, I have the physical version of Roxio Toast 20 Pro. It finally got delivered today. I reached out to a staff member on these forums and also contacted Digital river via their contact form. I have no idea which method hurried it along but I think the staff member here was very useful.

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