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Video Output No Longer Working




I've been using my VHS To DVD 3 Plus converter a lot lately.  There has really been no problems until tonight. 

I transferred a few VHS tapes with zero issue.  Then I moved to my Sony Digital 8 camera.  I transferred two tapes with no problem.  I walked away to go have lunch, came back to transfer another tape, and now I have zero video signal.  When I start the program, most times I get audio with no video, other times I get nothing at all.  So, I tried plugging in the chord to my TV to see if it was bad.  It worked fine with perfect audio and video.  My next step was to go through the Roxio instructions - uninstall the drivers, restart computer, repair the software, restart computer, and plug in device.  Nothing changed.  I even went through with uninstalling the software and reinstalling.  Nothing.  I even tried another camera.  The same issue.  I went back to VHS.  I am now getting no video signal.  I get audio that occasionally cuts in and out.

I decided to go and use OBS Studio.  It is an open source video recording program.  I wanted to do this to test if the converter went bad.  I kept it plugged in, exited the Roxio program, and went into OBS.  With the same plug in, OBS grabbed the converter instantly.

We now know this isn't an issue with my chord.  This isn't an issue with my VCR or cameras.  This isn't an issue with my converter.  It is a software issue.

Any ideas?

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