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Toast just hangs when I try saving Bluray image or burning disc


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I'm using my recently purchased/licensed Toast 20 (6825) Pro on MacPro6,1 12-core 2.7GHz with 64GB and macOS 11.6.

I'm trying to create a simple bluray with 2 MOVs that ProRes 422.  When I tried burning to disc, the progress bar hung at 0% for a long time, when I came back to check on progress, Toast crashed.  I rebooted and tried again, this time saving a disc image instead, and the progress bar is sitting at 0% with no apparent activity yet, just waiting, waiting, waiting? 

I can click on the cancel button and it will return to the Toast window. 

If it is doing something, an indication would be helpful.  When I play a preview beforehand, it seems to work fine, both videos play.  If this is just hanging on me, what might the problem be with saving a bluray image or burning directly to bluray disc? 

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Maybe it's just the "new" bluray/dvd menu system that is broken in Toast 20 Pro. 

I switched to "classic" and set up a test DVD with the same 2 MOV files and am testing a save to disk image.  The progress window jumped right into "Encoding".  If that works, I'll try setting up a Bluray in "classic" mode.

The "new" menu system looks great, I hope the problems can be fixed.

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Another Toast 20 Pro failure...

So close to finishing the DVD encoding in "classic" and Toast complains "Couldn't complete the last command because a file couldn't be found.  Result Code = 43"  ARGH!  No clue what this means.  I only added 2 mov files and Toast will play both.

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Sorry to hear you are also going through hell with this program. 

I bought Toast 20 Pro the day it was released about a month ago. I've had endless issues with it. It appears to have "glitches" that can't be explained. At least they can't be explained by support, which is non-existent. They only send you a link to the vague user guide. 

I assume you have done this, but you might want to try deleting the plist files in preferences, and then re-install. My other gripes have not been resolved, but crashing has stopped. 

I'm curious if you (or anyone) has figured out a couple things that still baffle me? I am trying to make a BluRay with one main feature, chapters, and bonus features. I can add the bonus features easy enough, but as soon as I add chapters to the main movie, you can no longer simply play that movie from the main menu. It adds a second menu after the main menu, and that takes you to a chapter page. So you can only play that movie from the chapter page. Any chance you know what I am doing wrong? 

Also, they mention being able to add an intro video to play before the menu. You can do that in classic mode, but then you can't design your own menu. But there still remains a "intro" button when you preview your project, so it seems like it can be done. 

You might have noticed that even if your file is 4 gigs, it will immediately tell you it's 13 gigs after import. BUT not in classic mode. So this is a screwy program 

Good luck to you,


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Thanks.  I will give the plist delete a try.

I found that I can burn directly to dvd or bluray disc from classic mode, but not save a disc image. 

The new mode looks very promising, I like the added features and direction of it.  I noticed the missing intro video option in the new mode.  Also, I didn't see where to add disc content, like you can do in classic mode.  I'd prefer to set up my new discs in the new mode, but right now Toast 20 Pro feels more like an early beta release that needs more testing and bug fixing.

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In both classic and new modes you can select disc image on the right from the "destination" drop down. 

Curiously the intro video option is gone when you select Bluray rather than DVD. I'm very frustrated with the thing, and like you I feel it's not ready for prime time. Not very well thought out, and their user guides are always very limited. 

My biggest hurdle seems like it should be the easiest thing to do. Main menu with a "play", "chapter" and "bonus feature" button. When you add the first movie it appears on the main menu and you can play it directly from there. You can then add another menu below and then to the right add your bonus features. The thing I cannot figure out is the chapter problem. The minute you create chapters (by hitting the little icon on the bottom right of the video clip) it creates a chapter menu that is inserted in between the main menu and the video. So now instead of being able to click play from the main menu, that play button takes you to the next menu which is the chapter menu. You can no longer play the video without going to a chapter menu. I MUST be doing something wrong, but have no idea what it could be. I can't imagine anyone would want to lose the ability to play the main video from the main menu. 

We will get no help from Roxio, so we need to hope we can all help each other here. 

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I have tried saving a Bluray disc image about 20 times now. Using the "new and improved" version of Toast 20 Pro. It crashes every #$^@ time at 100 percent. After that the project can no longer be viewed when re-opening. I get an "invalid operation" message when I click on any menu button. 

So far this has been the worst program I have ever dealt with. Anyone have any answers? 

Thank you.

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I'd be interested in knowing if they tested it at all. 

The program "looks" like it might be something I'd use. It's missing many features, but the basics are there. But the bugs are horrendous. Mine  crashes every single time I try to export. And that's on top of not being able to figure out how to do the simplest of tasks with it to begin with. 

I'm not happy. 

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