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Menu advice needed


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I'm curious if you (or anyone) has figured out a couple things that still baffle me? I am trying to make a BluRay with one main feature, chapters, and bonus features. I can add the bonus features easy enough, but as soon as I add chapters to the main movie, you can no longer simply play that movie from the main menu. It adds a second menu after the main menu, and that takes you to a chapter page. So you can only play that movie from the chapter page. Any chance you know what I am doing wrong? I wish to have (on the main menu) "play", "chapters" and "Bonus features". Adding chapters removes the ability to play the movie from that main menu. 

Also, they mention being able to add an intro video to play before the menu. You can do that in classic mode, but then you can't design your own menu. But there still remains a "intro" button when you preview your project, so it seems like it can be done. 

You might have noticed that even if your file is 4 gigs, it will immediately tell you it's 13 gigs after import. BUT not in classic mode. So this is a screwy program 

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I tried Toast 19 and it wouldn't burn a blu-ray at all.  So when Toast 20 appeared, advertising all the features for blu-ray I bought it immediately.  I have the M1, Big Sur, 16 GB ram, 2 TB HD..  I use FCP 10.5 to do my editing and export a qt mov file.  Then throw it into Toast 20 Pro, create menu, create chapters and attempt to burn a blu-ray.  I cannot select "never" on the sleep mode as it doesn't exist.  Anyway, I got Toast 20 to burn a blu-ray but it only plays the menu.  On the preview page I can select the chapter menu and it will go to the appropriate location.  I bought Express Burn and it burns the blu-ray first time, every time.  The problem is that the menus are rather limited. I remember the good old days when I could use DVD Studio Pro and create wonderful menus that I could do anything.  No more!  I have tried various software to see if they create good menus.  Any ideas??

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