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Conversion Tables


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Using Edit Video - Advanced, Output, Export As , there are dozens of choices. These choices also change depending on the format of the original file. I started a conversion table using an Excel workbook (see attached.) But this could take me many hours to create, and I would be surprised if such a table doesn't already exist. I tried Roxio's tech support via chat/email. But I gave up when it became obvious that English was not their first language, and then had no idea what I was talking about (since this is one of the main functions of their software, I think every Roxio employee should have this at their finger tips.)

Thanks for any help / advice that you can give me.

Roxio File Conversion Table.xlsx

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I've been here a while, but I've never seen such a table.    I've been looking at yours for some time, but I'm failing to discern its purpose.


Since English IS my first language, would you kindly explain what the table represents, and how it is intended to be used?   Then we might be able to help you.

Regards, Brendon

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