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New phone causes videos to rotate

Steve DDD

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I have used my new Oppo phone to record a set of MP4 files, being very careful to record in landscape. I transferred them to my PC and I can watch them in landscape by double-clicking. However, when I import them into Roxio Videowave they are rotated 90 degrees clockwise and "stretched" to make them fill the landscape screen (see first image). I can rotate them counter-clockwise, but this causes them to have their size reduced, leaving a large black border around them taking up a significant proportion of the screen (see second image).

I do not have this problem when I import videos recorded on older devices, or when I import those same files from my Oppo phone into Windows Movie Maker. The only time I get this is when I import files from this new phone into Roxio!

Can anyone suggest how I can import my new MP4 files into Roxio without this automatic rotation?




Capture 2.PNG

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Delving into this a little further, it seems that MPEG-4 files have metadata which includes a "rotation" flag when they come a mobile from which can be misinterpreted. I'm looking at information on FFMPEG, a utility which supposedly allows you to adjust this metadata. If anyone has any tips or further insights I'd love to hear them!

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