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Slow network access speed with Roxio NXT8 modules


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PERSONAL SYSTEM INFO:  My personal PC is a Gen2 hyper-cooled i7-2600K overclocked to 4.5 GHz, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, Samsung Evo960 500 GB SSD 'boot' disk, 2 ea. 4 TB data disks, 1 ea. 3 TB data disk, 8X blu-ray burner, 24X DVD burner, Nvidia GT710 w/ 2GB DDR5, Intel PCIe gigabit Ethernet (onboard gigabit disabled), Win10 64-bit

"PEER-SERVER" INFO:  i5-6500 @ 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3, Samsung Evo 860 500 GB SSD 'boot' disk, 5 TB RAID-1 data disks, 4TB  RAID-5 data disks, 3TB RAID-1 disks, identical 24X DVD burner, Nvidia GT710 w/ 1 GB DDR5, Win10 64-bit

NETWORK INFO: 24-port gigabit Ethernet accessing gigabit fiber optic (CenturyLink), 7 PCs/laptops for 2 users in different offices

THE SCENARIO: We use this 'peer-server' to store nearly all our data, including the videos we capture from both an HD digital camera, and OTA (over-the-air) television recordings. Up until now, I had still been using my old Roxio 2012 Pro ('cuz it worked for all the things I normally need) but after Win 10 20H2 update, I decided it was time to 'get current', so roughly some 4 or 5 months ago, I bought Roxio NXT8, but had not used it for much of anything til this past week,  when (as per our 'norm'), we 'time-shift' recorded a recent OTA PBS program we found interesting and wanted to excerpt one short section to show family members who had missed the broadcast.  That OTA recording was moved from the PC we use for OTA recording to a shared location on the peer server (and I even watched it again from that location using VLC media software because that can play Windows TV recordings  - *.wtv file format).  So I figured I would use VLC to convert .wtv to .mp4 and use Roxio to then create virtually any format I wished, and of course VLC did a pretty fast job of trans-coding that.  But when I simply attempted to find and access that recording with Roxio, it was like swimming in oatmeal (or attempting to..).  It actually took Roxio over a full minute to simple access the shared location and 'find' this recording to begin my intended project.  At first, I thought maybe my mouse batteries had 'died' because anything on the peer-server took that same full minute to 'open', but of course that was not the case.  Roxio NXT8 appears to simply have 'real issues' just "navigating" to any location other than a 'local drive'.  Local disks access is acceptable (albeit maybe a tad slower than I've been used to), but network access is abysmal.  And BTW: I did UN-install and re-install NXT8, thinking maybe that might be of some help, but - nope.  Still takes over a full minute to access any folder on the 'server' IF I'm trying to do anything with Roxio.  So, why?  Is this 'normal' for NXT8?  Roxio 2012 was not this slow.  Anyone have anything to suggest? Really frustrating for a 'brand new' Roxio version to act like this.

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