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Trying to reinstall, and I am getting a strange issue.

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 Hey y'all,

 Just to be clear, I have installed NXT 8 once before and had no problems with it.

 I just built a new PC and am trying to get all my apps installed, and NXT 8 is giving me this weird issue with hard drive space, I have over half a terabyte of space on my new M.2 windows drive, and it looks like Roxio wants to use 41 terabytes??

It tells me there is not enough space to install, and I need to free up space, check this out:



Any ideas on this one?


lol...because I am at a loss....

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That's really weird, since the left side is estimating 4.35 GB, but the right side is wanting 4.19 TB.    Something in the math has clearly slipped a cog and it's wrong by a factor of x1000.       I've not seen this sort of problem before, so you might have to hit Roxio support with it.   In the meantime, could you answer these 3 questions for me in the hope it might make an idea pop?  Thanks.

-does the installer stop you and say insufficient space, or does it just warn you and then carry on?

-You've opted for a Custom setup, but then selected everything.  Do you get a different result if you just go for a typical setup from the start, avoiding the Custom setup?

-in your Custom install starting with no boxes checked and then adding or subtracting checkmarks, is there any one application which adds a ridiculous amount to the "Required" space or are they each ridiculously inflated?


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 It is the "Highlight Reel" app that's doing it!! The second I hit Highlight Reel it jumped up to 41TB


That's SO strange, I did not have this issue when I installed it last time....so strange.  I did do a fresh download though, I should have kept the old install files!!



Any ideas?? Or should I hit up Roxio support?

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You should ALWAYS hit up Roxio Support in case you need to get a refund, or even if it's just to let them know their product has problems.   Sometimes they have answers already, although I suspect this one might have to go upstairs to the programmers for resolution.  (btw, that's 4.1 TB not 41, but it's still preposterous!)

I can't find anything telling me how to run Highlight_Reel, or what it does.  There might be a hint in there somewhere.  There HAS to be some instructions somewhere, doesn't there?    Can anyone point me to them?

The folder in my machine's C:\Program Files carrying Highlight_Reel is 328 MB - certainly not in the Terrabyte range.

Please let us know how you get on.


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