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Create Disk Label failure


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I've found that much of the Roxio 'Artwork', screens, and boxes is created at a fixed size.  It will display properly if you have Windows Display "Scale and Layout" set to 100%

You haven't told me which Operating System you're using so I can't point you right at the setting, but here is the setting which needs to be at 100% in Windows 10



And here's the corresponding setting in Windows 7.


If you're running Windows 11 let me know and I'll find it for you in that OS.


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Perhaps your problem isn't in their first-line responder's booklet. . . ?

Running under Windows 10, I have tried but couldn't duplicate your problem either before or after I applied the December 2 'Service Pack 5'.   If I can't make it happen, it's very hard to work out how to prevent it.         [SP5 is big, have you applied it?]   

Anyway, I'm left with two inadequate suggestions for you:

[1] your screenshot shows a few tiny rows of pixels where the Back, Next, and Cancel buttons should be - just above where I've put red dots on this enlargement:


-are those areas large enough for you to poke your mouse pointer carefully in there and click them?

[2]   If that doesn't work, you may need to go to the Roxio Label Creator [Create Labels Advanced] and use that instead. (It's better than the Sure Thing Express Labeler)   This is a work-around not a solution, but I hope it helps.



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