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Roxio Easy CD 5 error


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Hi, I recently upgraded the ram on my parents computer after they told me it was running slowly. The computer is clean and has sufficient protection. I asked them if they ever did any updates and they said no. So I went ahead and updated the whole computer. They have a Dell Dimension series and Dell has a driver page for each of its models. This particular model came with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5. Dell had and update on their site to 5.35 I believe.


So here is the problem, after rebooting I get this error "The procedure entry point Cdudf_IsMediaBlank could not be located in the dynamic link library CDUDFLIB.dll." The title bar of the error message is labeled "DirectCD.exe – Entry Point Not Found". This error never came up before the update as far as anyone can say. Is this a common issue? Can it be resolved easily? What are my options? Most likely purchasing a newer version of roxio is out of the question since my parents have never burnt a disc! It would be nice to get rid of the error message with deleting the program though. Thanks in advance.

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Guest mlpasley

If they've never burned a disk, they probably don't need version 5 since they can use the built in burning of WinXP if they ever decide to burn a disk.


The easiest thing would be to uninstall the program through Windows\ Control Panel\ Add Remove programs. Then reboot and see if the message goes away.


Probably one of the WindowsXP updates 'broke' the program. Probably SP2, but it could be something else.

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I understand that would be an easy solution, but I would like to keep the software on their computer if at all possible. I forgot to mention they have Windows XP Home Edition SP2.


Ok, read this first http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=125


It can be done, but as ml has already stated using the XP built in writing capabilities is the way to go.

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Or, at a minimum, see if you can remove DirectCD from the programs starting at bootup.


However, since Drag2Disc is NOT part of ECDC 5 (it's form Version 6 and up), and you are dealing with a Dell, it's probably been modifed by Dell, after they bought the OEM rights, and modifdied the program.


Try reading this (pinned to the top of the Forum, BTW).



However, Packet-Writing (DirectCD, Drag2Disc, Nero's InCD, Sonic's DLA, etc), as commonly misunderstood, is mostly used to permantly LOSE the data. That's not what people think they are doing, but what they acutally do. :)



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