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How to fit-to-disc


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Upgraded to Toast 20 as Toast 17 stopped working with Monterey. Also bought new Pioneer Blu Ray burner as old ASUS desktop burner stopped being recognised by Toast and also disconnecting part way through a burn.

Just tried to burn a Blu Ray and Toast said the resulting file (about 3 hours of streamed 1080 video,) won't fit a Blu ray disk. Tried to check by burning an image and, despite BluRay 25GB beng selected as the medium, the image file is 33GB.

Where is the fit-to-disc option, or how do I get Toast 20 to recognise the maximum capacity of the medium to encode to?

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The fit-to-disc is in the Copy option. The rational is: if you create a Blu-Ray disc you have to know that it can contain a certain quantity of video and audio information, which, during playback, have a certain flow rate. This decision has been taken when you create your movie (for instance this is what happens with Final Cut, Adobe premiere and so on, which can create a Blu-Ray disc complete with menu). Toast will help you to create only the menus (but you have to know how many bytes are left from the the movie, to have sufficient space for the menus) and tries to calculate the best flow rate for video and audio infos, to get a good result during playback. The fit-to-disc option is used to adapt a complete disc to the dimension of the copy disc (in downgrade), and therefore you can find it only in the menu of the Copy option. The move considerations are the same as for the DVDs. And it was so also in the old versions that I have.

Happy New Year

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In my copy of Toast, the fit-to-DVD option can be found in the Burn option, and select VIDEO_TS Folders. You'll see it in the Output Settings box. It doesn't work for me, but that's another problem. I'm not talking about Blu-Ray, just DVDs.

In my opinion, Roxio needs to focus less on adding bells and whistles (zip/unzip files!) and concentrate on the core function of Toast.

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