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avi encoding for dvd burn



trying to encode some avi files (xvid codec) to burn to dvd. so i put the files into the window under the video tab, and sometimes during the long process of encoding, everything just disappears. toast does not quit, but the files in the window that it was encoding does. sometimes there will be something in my "roxio converted items" folder (albeit incomplete), sometimes the folder will be empty.


i am not thinking this is the files, as i have burned some of them successfully already. it just seems that toast will only go through the encoding process about 1/4 of the time. this happens regardless of whether i just click the burn button or whether i save as a disc image.


any info on what is going on would be extremely helpful!


also, using an intel imac. if that matters at all.

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That is a pretty odd symptom. First, I would make sure you have the latest Toast version. I might be spilling the beans here but we are hoping to have version 7.1.2 posted later today. Also experiment with different source files. Somtimes certain files just cause problems in Toast if there is a problem in the file somewhere. Test with some mpeg or quicktime files (things that are a little more common on a mac).

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