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DVD Audio Sync and DirectShow Codecs



I have audio sync problems on TiVo files that are re-encoded by MyDVD. Typically video lags audio by a fraction of a second (lips keep moving after talking stops).


Some facts about the problem:

1. Is present in either standalone playback or .iso loaded in Disk Image Loader and played in PowerDVD.

2. Not present in source media when played in any software media player.

3. Not present when DVD is authored by another process.

4. Not present if source is re-encoded to D1 with AC3 sound using another program then authored (without re-encoding) in MyDVD.

5. Is present in .vob ripped by DVDDecrypter from .iso (mounted via Disk Image Loader) when played in any software media player.

6. Not present in mpeg imported via EMC9 application from MyDVD-authored DVD files , played in software player :) .


The last two facts seem inconsistent and make me wonder if this is a codec issue, i.e., by using the Roxio application to import the .vob (to .mpg) from the DVD files, it is using the same codec used to encode the .vob and thus undoes the sync problem?


If I render the .tivo source in GraphEdit, it is using CyberLink codecs (from PowerDVD installation). Does this mean these codecs are being used by MyDVD during the re-encode process? Thus do I need to change the merits so Sonic/Roxio codecs are chosen for .tivo/.mpg rendering? Or does the MyDVD re-encode use the directShow codecs at all?


Is there a way to tell what codecs are used by MyDVD during re-encoding? Or is this even an issue?

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