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Music Edit will not run

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When I open Sound Editor, it opens but when I click on Add Audio File it hangs up and stops responding.  I have "repaired" the software.   I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the software and the problem still comes up.   For the longest time, this software worked great but now it is not.   HELP

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Bp George Michael

You said "For the longest time, this software worked great but now it is not. "  

The Roxio software was working fine and it isn't time-limited, so what has changed on/in your machine, that has stopped it?  Whatever it was still seems to be affecting your computer, and preventing Sound Editor from working even after you made a Repair, and a new Install.   You might need to do some digging to get to the bottom of it, so please be patient.

It's still working fine on my Intel i7 machine  with 12GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro x64 build 19044.1466 so updates don't seem to be an issue on my machine, however they might be on yours.


Here are some questions which might help you to get started.   

-when you click Add Audio File and it hangs, do you see any messages or special cursors, or does it just freeze?  Does control return after a time-out?  If it doesn't return, how do you break out of the freeze?

-When did this start?   After a Windows update? (typically happens from second Tuesday of the month)

-is only Roxio Sound Editor affected?   Are all the other parts of the suite working okay?

Have you:

-installed any new hardware or software?   New drivers for anything?   Changed any settings?

-updated your operating system   (what is it??  Name, version, x86 or x64, build number?)

Regards, Brendon


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