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Lost all "Page Turn" transitions


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I am not a new user. I purchased Roxio Creator Pro 8 though the internet and installed it from there. I had many issues and received some support from Roxio. Stupid me. I couldn't leave well enough alone so I bought a Disk of version 9 and installed it right over 8. Things were going pretty well until I loaded an existing Production to do some final touch ups to the Production like adding comments mostly. As usual after adding one text to a photo the software crashed. That means just disappeared. That was an issue with 8 when again with 9. So I learned to save every time I made changes or additions. But this time I noticed that all my Page Turns were exchanged with Fade Out transitions. So I didn't save my changes and went to my .DMSM and ,DAT files and deleted them. I had copies of the files and I used the copy files. The same thing happened. The transitions were changed. Well I figured I'll just have to change all my fades to page turns manually. When I went to select the page turns it was empty. I am so discussed with this software. I use to use the older versions and never had these issues. Finally I removed all of Roxio and reinstalled it from the disk again and the problem. I surely hope someone can help me. I would be so grateful.  

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Hello Nick,

The Gurus here don't have NXT9, so I can't get in there and try to duplicate your problem.  However perhaps some generic suggestions might help you.  I hope so.

Generally, I don't recommend installing Creator over a previous version.   The "remnants of the past" can tangle the new stuff and cause an almighty mess.    Roxio makes small changes in programs and configuration between versions, and they don't guarantee any 'backward compatibility' between versions, so while your saved projects will probably work with a newer version there are no guarantees.

I've had best results by 'cleanly uninstalling' earlier versions with a proper uninstalling program.  The Gurus have found the Revo Uninstaller (Link) to be very useful at this, when run in 'moderate mode'.   In that download link select the Freeware version.  They have a commercial paid version, but the Freeware one works well. 

I would recommend that you use a decent uninstaller and uninstall anything it finds of NXT8 or NXT9, and then restart your machine.  Then try again with NXT8 or NXT9, but not both.

Regards, Brendon

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It has me really puzzled. I figured it might be something on the Roxio 9 disk but when I reinstalled the 8 and the same thing happened I knew it wasn't the 9 disk. I notice that reinstalling the 9 it always comes up with the programs checked off and marked installed even thought it installs them. By the way each time I tried to reinstall something I used REVO to clean first. I even used the advanced switch in REVO and held my breath when I dumped everything it found. Hope that doesn't bite me later. Oh I couldn't dump any remnants from  8 because I don't find anything about  8.

Anyway thanks for trying.


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