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Does this include My TV ToGo?



*sigh* When looking at this product and trying to decide if I was to buy it, I could not find a list of the actual programs/components of this software suite at all... I read about the main abilities (for DVD burning, dealing with photos, Audio stuff etc) and about the Ringtone Maker and I was sure that somewhere it had mentioned also the ability to transfer recordings (I would say general ones like Tivo and dvr.ms files (recorded through Microsoft, with me, through Media Center as I have MCE 2005 on my laptop). Now I know that MyDVD can take tivo files and let you burn them to DVD (I have MyDVD Studio 6 on my laptop), but as I have a PDA and a portable (Meda Center) Media Player, I partially bought this suite so that I could have automatic conversions of my tivo files after I transfer them to my desktop and also not have to use Media Player 11 to convert (while transfering items to my player). Is this item part of the suite at all (My TV ToGo?), or if it's not, is there another program that can do this for me (maybe not automatically, but at least when I choose to convert the files myself)??? I do not wish to purchase the Tivo Desktop Plus version as my portable media player is a media center based product and it is recommended NOT to upgrade to Desktop Plus for that, but I do still have the PDA and just in general would like to have the ability to do these conversions at will...


I had some install problems, so not all components are currently working, must go back and uninstall, remove all traces, and re-install again. So any word about the above could help alot by the time I have done the installation again.


Also, someone *really* should come up with a complete list of everything that is part of the Suite and not only have it pinned to the top of the General Discussion Forum for EMC 9 Suite, but maybe even have someone at Roxio actually put this information ON THE WEBSITE itself... Asking Roxann didn't even get me a list of the components and if she is supposed to be the "help support" - ask her questions, she gives you answers - and she can't tell you what exactly is in a certain software program suite, then that is just sad... If Roxio is selling something, I want to be able to EASILY find out what is part of it (and this means not having to call a number or email someone for pre-purchase product help).


Just something to think about... :)

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I haven't seen TV to GO so I have no idea exactly what it can do. You convert files with Disc Copier 'video compilation' mode which has options for iPod and other portable devices. YOu can also load video files into Videowave and then just OUTPUT TO FILE which will also give you many choices.

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