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Can you change the video quality when burn DVD



I burned my first DVD (after a few of them not completing - don't know why).... anyway, the quality is bad  - and the files didn't take up much of the DVD space (plenty of space left)

Is there a place to change setting to HD?  Didn't find it

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Hello srr,

When you create (author) a DVD with Corel's MyDVD there is no setting which will change your video to HD.    The reason for this is that the DVD STANDARD which was agreed in the industry, says that DVDs must use a standard definition, so DVD creation software follows that standard.

DVDs are 720 x 480 pixels at a standard rate of 29.97 frames per second (fps) if they're created to the NTFS standard used in the USA,
or 720 x 576 pixels at 25 fps in the PAL standard used in the UK and other places.       The software will let you change from one standard to the other, but that's all.

So, if you get a video clip which is perhaps 400 x 300, and try to Make a DVD with it, it will be enlarged to 720 x 480 but will look horrible.     If you want decent quality video your source needs to be 720 or better to start with, because it will be rendered at standard definition on your DVD.


Hope this helps, Brendon


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