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Toast 20 STILL makes every disk title "My Movie"!


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I upgraded from Toast 18 because it crashed every time I tried to edit the opening screen of a blu-ray disc., and because I made the title "My Movie" on every disk I burned, even though I always entered my own title.  Now I've spent the money on version 20, and I can edit the fields on the opening screen, but it still has "My Movie" as the title.  This is maddening, because it is so tacky and non-professional that I'm embarrased to show the program .

It also still takes minutes just to change a field on the opening screen.  This did not used to be the case with previous versions (before 18).  I have a hard time seeing why this is necessary.  VERY DISAPPOINTED (AGAIN) in this product.  I've now spent over $300 on various versions, and it still has obvious bugs.

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