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NXT8 Capture: No Preview Screen

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I've seen other postings regarding No Preview, but no resolutions. This seems to be an issue across multiple product versions. Is there a specific service that's corrupted that can be replaced/repaired?   

Previously had a Preview Screen when Ready to Capture, but now there is just an empty spot where the Preview Screen was. Can Still Capture and Playback OK, but only hear sound on capture.

Converted multiple VHS tapes. Converted one VHS tape and then went to attempt another capture same sitting... No Preview Screen

So Far:
Stopped and restarted NXT8
Stop/Start PC
Delete "Roxio Video Display USB" entry from Device Mgr and let PC reenter device

Still no joy

Please help.

Win10 Home.
Dell Inpiron 3891
Intel i5-10400
Ram 12gig
SSD 256gig
HD 1-T
Creator Pro NXT8 (New Install (9/20/2021) with new PC 
Roxio Video Capture USB

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I have the same problem. I run Windows 10 Pro. I had been running Creator NXT Pro 7 for a few days with no issues. I installed a MS Windows update and the Preview screen disappeared. I tried re-installing NXT 7 without fixing the problem. I backed out the Windows update and the problem remains. I decided to purchase Creator NXT Pro 9. When I fired up the program the Preview screen was there! I started the capture, and the Preview screen went away, and I can't get it back. I am using a Roxio USB 2861 video capture device.

Additionally, the Preview window does not show for the PC monitor camera which also previously displayed. So it does not appear to be the capture device. 

One more item, If I run the capture the video and audio is actually captured and stored. My problem is that although I hear the audio live during the capture, I have no video preview. This makes it really hard to know what's going on.

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