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Its not the program in the user manual

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Hi I purchased creator nxt 9 pro creator nxt 9 for my son laptop and easy cd and dvd burning 2. When i went to use nxt 9 pro, it says easy burning 2 and looks like easy burning 2 and nothing like the program in the user guide. It also have a banner at the bottom saying upgrade to nxt 9. Its the same with the nxt 9 program. It says creator nxt 9 but its the easy burning program. Its not the one in the user guide.  They all.are the same. How can i get the programs i paid all that money for????? The 1st pic is nxt 9 pro the 2nd is nxt 9 and the 3rd is easy burning 2. All the same. Tell me how can i get the right ones????




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Your first and third pictures appear to show two shots of Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 Home screen on the same machine.

Your second picture shows Creator NXT 9 Home screen, on what looks like a different machine.

If you're puzzled because they appear similar at first glance, it's because Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 is a very cut-down, limited ability  version of Creator NXT 7 from a couple of years back, and Creator NXT 7 screens look almost identical to those of Creator NXT 9.


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No they are two different laptops. One has creator nxt9 the othet has pro. Like i said when i open both programs it says its easy cd and dvd burning and give me option at the bottom to upgrade to nxt 9. The creator nxt 9 program in the user guide is not the one i got. Its totally different like i said

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Your first and last pictures are Easy CD & DVD Burning 2, and both pictures appear to be the same machine.

Your middle picture is Creator NXT 9, and it appears to be on a different machine.

I can't say what the NXT 9 user guide looks like since Roxio has not seen fit to give the Gurus NXT 9, but that middle picture is an NXT 9 Home page.

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