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Continue burning a series of discs after a verification error?

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I was trying to burn data files onto BD discs.  It was going to take 7ea 50GB discs, but verification found an error at the end of burning the 5th disc.  I was given an option of "Retry" or "Cancel" (not sure of the wording for either).  I clicked on "Retry", expecting it to re-burn disc #5 and then continue burning the remaining discs, but instead it started to reburn disc #1.  Is there any way of re-starting where it left off?  There are partially completed folders on disc #1 that haven't been completed by disc #4, so the burning doesn't follow the tree (I'm GUESSING that it burns them by date created or ???), therefore I can't easily know which folders to manually remove from the files in Creator to continue burning the remaining files.  I would have to check each of the thousands of files individually to know which ones to remove.

I don't know how Creator tracks the files that have been burned, but it seems that it can't be random, so it seems that it would be easy for Roxio to flag the last file on the last disc that was verified before starting to burn the next disc. That way if the next disc fails verification, the user could be given the option to re-burn the failed disc and then continue. At about $2 per 50GB BD, I had to throw away $10, while I really should have only had to throw away $2, not to mention 8 or so hours it took to burn the discs.

It takes a lot of time to manually break down the files into multiples of 50GB and only do 1 or 2 discs at a time, and it's easy to make a mistake. Is there an easier way?

Any suggestions? Any way to get this suggestion to the right people at Roxio?

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