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This worked until I updated to 10.4



I am a filmmaker so I use Toast to make compilation dvds. Now up until I upgraded to 10.4 last week this worked fine.


I would put in one of my videos (already on a dvd) and select Duplicate under File. A folder would appear with the files of the video. I would do as many as 12 and then drag each of those folders into Toast and make a compilation.


So anyway, I upgraded to 10.4 and now when I put in a dvd and select Duplicate I get the message:

Sorry the operation could not be completed because an unecpected error occured - Error code -8058.


I added the new update for Toast for 10.4 too.


How do I configure/fix this to copy a dvd the way I was doing it before?




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So these movies are already in VIDEO_TS folders on the DVDs, right?


I don't know about duplicating in the Finder, but with Toast 7 you import video from a VIDEO_TS differently than you do with Toast 6. Insert the DVD and open Toast. Select DVD video as the format in the Video window. Now click the Media button to enter the Media Browser. Choose DVD with the top button in the browser. In a moment your DVD will appear in the lower window. Go down to the Titles level using the lower button (or double-clicking on the file name in the browser). The titles on the DVD now appear in the list. Drag what you want to the video window. Toast extracts the MPEG and writes it to the Roxio Converted Items folder. Note: that folder is automatically emptied when you quit Toast unless you change that in Toast Preferences. When the MPEG is copied, eject the disc and insert your next DVD that you want added to the compilation.


Do not drag VIDEO_TS folders directly to the Toast 7 Video window. Always use the Media Browser for this process.

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