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Ran install (several Times) but when done installation I get spinning color wheel (app not responding)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Update, I have an iMac 2020 running Big Sur (11.6.6) and now have an ASUS Blu-Ray Burner. I system (occasionally) recognizes the Burner and I was able to run Toast 20 to burn a data Blu-Ray. Now on my desktop I have a file with extension .disc and same file name with extension .toast. The Blu-Ray disk doesn't show up after "burning". I didn't get any notice of completion. And now when I try to start up Toast again, it the file with the .disc extension and Toast won't open. It says "Application Not Responding". 

I did a re-install of Toast 20 and the app started up briefly but now shows the same issue.

I had checked that the Asus (BW-16D1X-U) could play DVDs and Blu-Ray prerecorded disks, so I don't believe it is an equipment problem.


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