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Still having the same problems with a new computer, should I upgrade to 9?



Ok, here is the deal. I am still having the same problems I had with my old computer. I did a major upgrade (see specs in my sig) and have very little on my new computer. I am still having problems with slow operation of the functions for making videos and still have sound sync problems. I am just pulling my hair out!


I have upgraded twice now with Roxio to try to fix problems...is it worth upgrading to Media Creator 9 from 8 to fix problems? I just can't seem to justify paying more for a product I have yet to get working in earlier versions.


So...with my new specs, should I still be having the same issues? I should mention, I removed all the Sonic programs that came with my computer so there would be no confusion issues.





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Nice laptop, but 1.8ghz??? Dual core hype not withstanding, rending is going to take a long, long, long time. Likewise moving around within a large mpg file is going to be painful too. – and yes I know there is little or no choice on this which is why I am still using my 2002 1.6ghz laptop.


Anyway, it still looks like a pretty nice machine and should serve you well.


To address your question, if you are still having trouble with V8, I cannot recommend you throw software at your problem in the hope it will suddenly work better. There is nothing 'wrong' with V8 so I don't think the problems are there, thus going to V9 is not going to solve anything.


Since you have a new PC, let's start with some new captures. If you can, capture in AVI format. Don't use your old captures, keep everything new for now. Assuming we get this working right, we can then move to old stuff later.


Also it would be handy to state your goals upfront. I recall you were interested in 16:9 output. What else are you after?


Since I am treating this as a new troubleshooting thread, I took the liberty of moving it to V8 forums.

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I can certainly agree with James. That looks like a nice computer and I suggest that it's not an EMC 8 problem at all. You mighht want to check to see what else is running on the computer while you are doing your EMC work. Your computer is not that speedy to begin with so anything else that's taking up some of your resources sure won't help.




My new HP notebook came with so much other "crap" that HP placed on the computer, that it did make a difference as to how fast it ran in some cases, especially burning DVD's. After I took all of that junk off. I did notice a difference. So check out what else is using up your resources and if it's not necessary get rid of it.

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