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Burning Error - What's going on?



I use 7.1.2 on a 2.1 GHz PowerPC G5 with a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-846 drive. The discs I use are Taiyo Yuden TYG02 which I thought were good media. I keep getting the error:


"The drive reported an error:


Sense Code = 0x09, 0x01



I can save a disc image as .toast and then use the disc utility to burn the image and it works fine. What gives here? Do I need to lower the speed? Change media? Is it a software issue?

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Since you are using good media try slower write speed.


I don't like MatSHITa drives so I use an external Pioneer DVR 110-D flashed to 1.41 region free firmware.

I can burn ok at 2x speed. Basically, I found out that problem-less burning occurs when you buy Apple's OVERPRICED DVD media. They don't care and are not concerned about third party media giving problems. Great...

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Excuse me for dropping in on this posting.


Just today I had the same problem/reported error burning a DL DVD ( Verbatim as recommend by this forum ) from a movie.toast image.


Other days all is smooth burnin. Today me luck ran out.


I launched console but unable to locate were that would be logged. There is no crash report albeit it was not a crash in the true sense since T7.1 stayed open.



I hope T7.1.2 has fixed this what I see at these forums a common failure.

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