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CD Spin Doctor trashes tracks exporting them to Toast



I am digitizing old LPs by recording them and writing them to DVD on a Pioneer DVR as movies and then I use Toast to convert the soundtrack to audio (aiff). I am trying to use CD Spin Doctor to cut the aiff files into tracks and then burn the albums to CDs.


When I export the tracks from CD Spin Doctor to Toast, it frequently trashes about half of them. If I play them in Toast even before burning CDs, the trashed tracks sound like awful noise.


I am using an Intel MacBook Pro and Toast 7.1.2 Titanium and CDSD 3.1t.

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Another problem I have been having that I should probably report elsewhere is that CD Spin Doctor frequently crashes even just playing audio files. The crashing plus the trashing of tracks that I reported here prompted me to try alternatives...


I tried using Audacity to do everything (cut tracks and so on). I suspect that it is probably possible to do anything you want with it but it seemed like a program by developers for those same developers. In other words my impression is that it might be ok for geeks who have the time to get into it but it has nothing like the ease of use of CD Spin Doctor (when it works).


I am evaluating Amadeus Pro and it is looking very promising. Amadeus Pro seems very powerful and was rock solid for what I tried to do. It seemed more highly configurable. I was able to configure the automatic track marking so that it broke waveforms into tracks that I could not divide using CD Spin Doctor. I was able to splice the two halves of albums from separate files together and edit the whole waveform carving it into tracks and burning them to a CD. Even tho it is still in beta it seems far more reliable than CD Spin Doctor. The interface is very "Mac"-like, very appealing, elegant, and intuitive. It is almost as easy to use as CD Spin Doctor but not quite: it doesn't export directly to iTunes or Toast and it is a little bit more work cutting albums into tracks. I couldn't find a way to skip directly to the track markers to check the end of the previous track and the beginning of the next track for example (there does not seem to be a "forward to next marker" button).


I don't like having to have multiple overlapping copies of similar software but it is looking like I will have to spend some more money once my Amadeus evaluation period ends. I will be a little unhappy if I end up having to plunk down more cash in order to get what I was expecting to get for the ~$80 I spent on Toast but I just don't like having to deal with software that crashes and that scrambles my data without giving any indication that something went wrong.

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I havent had any crashes of Spin Doctor myself. What OS version are you running? Have you tried installing the latest combined OS updater over the version you already are running?


Thanks for weighing in on this.


I am running Mac OS X 10.4.8 on a MacBook Pro 2GHz Intel Core Duo with 2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM.


I don't know what you are suggesting with regard to the OS updater but I not inclined to futz with the OS trying to fix CD Spin Doctor. Actually, I am not using Spin Doctor anymore since I purchased Amadeus Pro.


In any case, I shouldn't have mentioned two problems in one post.


I wanted to keep this thread on the other issue: tracks seemed to turn to noise. It's very disturbing when you play a CD you just burned and one of these tracks comes up. The noise can be loud. The tracks are that way pre-burn.

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Jhon Spin Doctor has never work for me ether on a Intel ( Mini ) so I tryed and bought peak le(over kill for what I need BUT ROCK SOLID). If you look back I posted crash results and was told it was Apples code. That is what freshburn said. I came back here after the release of the new update to see if it SD was fixed but if it works for you i guess it will never be fixed. Are you running a Intel becaus it seens most or all SD complaints come from us


Would like to ues the wiget



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I've been using CD Spin Doctor for years and have been pretty happy with it. But I just got the latest version today and it immediately crashed. I followed the instructions in the tech notes and placed my old versions of Toast and CDSD in the trash, as suggested by Crispian in another thread. But it's still crashing.


I'm also having another problem: the Filters button is not responding when I click on it. I don't get the pop up menu that is supposed to appear. Any suggestions?

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