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Power Cinema Conflict?



I have a TV tuner card that came with CyberLink products, of which I have several installed. When installing EMC 9, I got a message telling me that I needed to uninstall CyberLink PowerCinema before I could continue my EMC 9 install. The PowerCinema software is not that friendly, but I used it for watching, and, most importantly recording, TV shows. It has a nice scheduler for recording shows on a weekly or whatever basis. In any case, I uninstalled the PowerCinema and installed EMC 9. I was then disappointed that EMC 9 does not have seem to have a recording scheduler and, in fact, is not friendly at all for watching TV (no full screen option, etc.).


Can anybody tell me if there is really any reason that I can't reinstall PowerCinema? Obviously, I could just try the install and see how things work, but I don't want to cause myself giant headaches down the road by doing so. So I would greatly appreciate any advice that anybody can give.



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