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Sounds goes out of sync with Toast 7 and EyeTV

David Lightman


Since upgrading to Toast 7 I often find that DVDs I make using MPEGs exported from EyeTV 2 have sound that isn't quite in sync with the video. Elgato say I should turn on the option of always re-encoding the video, but this adds literally hours to the encoding time (which can be only a minute or two on my new Core 2 Duo iMac).


Out of desperation I went back to Toast 6 and every disk I burn plays back perfectly, the sound is always perfectly in sync with the picture.


Just to clarify, I'm running the latest EyeTV 2, I export using either the 'Toast' preset of the MPEG Stream one, the same thing happens with both. Toast 6 works every time, Toast 7 most of the time makes disks where the sound is fractionally out of sync, so that people talking look like they've been badly dubbed!


Any help appreciated, I'll stick with 6 for the time being, shame as I like the menus in 7.


I will try 7.1.2 tonight but I don't hold out much hope for it.

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I am having exactly the same problem (see my posting of 19 November 06 under “Toast Burns From Eyetv With Wrong or No Sound”).


I’ve upgraded to Toast 7.1.2, and re-encoded the video into three different formats (“for Toast”, “MPEG Program Stream” & “MPEG Elementary Streams”), but the problem persists.


My machine is a Mac mini with an Intel Core Solo processor and Mac OS 10.4.8.


Any ideas?

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