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Toast 20 doesn't recognize MP4 files


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We recently upgraded from Toast 10 to Toast 20, since we got a newer iMac. And can no longer burn any DVDs as the program keeps telling us that MP4 files (as well as AVI in certain cases) isn't a recognized file type. In Toast 10 everything always worked perfectly and since we had a very old Mac we sticked with that version, but it is very annoying that this basic option of just burning a DVD from a MP4 doesn't seem to work with the newer version on the newer Mac (2019). No matter what we try it just keeps telling us "[ file name ] .mp4 is an unknown format and cannot be imported." (our version is German but I translated the error message to English for you)

I hope someone can help us as we need the be able to burn DVDs for our customers, we are a business that handles video & photo things. We might in the meantime need to use the old Mac and program again...

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