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How to fix the problem of "can't copy files name too long"?


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Using create data disk, I'm trying to burn some motherboard drivers to data DVD disk, and it can't copy most of the files because the name is too long?

What on earth is this? And how do I force the app to just copy the files?

Windows 11 Pro


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Hello MysterC,

The "name" of a file includes the names of any folders or directories between it and the root of the drive it's stored on, plus the actual length of the name and extension of the file.  So for example, the file msinfo32.exe actually has a name that's 72 characters long because of where it is stored on the drive.   The file system has to store all this info in the file tables, so the length of a file name is limited.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe

You can shorten the filename by shortening the path to the file where possible.   It's probably not a good idea to rename the actual driver files because the installer will need to find them, but if you have them in a folder called "My drivers for the Super Computer in the office" then renaming that to "drivers" would shorten the path a lot.  

This should help you copy those files.



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