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Toast 20 create ISO format disk?


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I'm on MacOS Monterey.

I bought Toast 20 a couple of days ago, intending to use it to master some DVDs, based on some positive comments I'd seen online. But, I've got to say I'm a bit disappointed.

Lots of little things, but the big one is that it doesn't create a "normal" format DVD. (I'll admit to using a custom theme, but that shouldn't be a problem, and the existing themes are all, um, unprofessional.)

  • I can mount it on my MBP, but the content doesn't look anything like a normal DVD.
  • The DVD Player app refuses to even acknowledge its existence.
  • I've tried using it on two different BlueRay players. (BlueRay players can handle DVDs, right?) Both have strange issues.
    • One lets me select the video to play, but no fast forward or skip or anything like that allowed.
    • The other player won't show which of the several videos is selected, and it isn't obvious how it moves from one to the other. That makes it hard to select which is going to play.

So, I'm afraid that I know the answer, but is there really no way to create a standard DVD .iso format disk image? If not, it sounds like I've wasted my money.

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