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Main menu only opens maximized



When I open Roxio 9, the main menu only opens maximized. I can not change the window size. It is either max or min view. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the same problem. All the other apps within the main menu open at the window size I want. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Gary - Thanks for the reply.


I did have a higher resolution setting but even after changing it to the lower rate, the opening (main) screen is still stuck to the upper top left of the screen.


It is so far over that the only thing I can see on the top menu bar is "view" and "help."


I've also tried unloading and reloading the software a couple of times.


When I select an option on the right side of the window under "Most Frequent Tasks" the individual components open just fine in a normal window, which can be manipulated and dragged anywhere on the screen.


Any other ideas?




As soon as I hit send on the previous post - I thought about checking the screen DPI in addition to the resolution.


Sure enough - it was set to 125 percent of normal size. I switched it back to 100 percent - restarted the computer and viola - the opening window is now "dragable (?)."


Thanks so much for leading me to this "resolution" lol...



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I was just going to suggest trying to drag it back if possible. Some apps 'remember' their last position even if off teh screen. I've had that happen with other apps. There is a Windows keycode to move apps using the keyboard which comes in handy if you can't grab it with the mouse. Can't remember it at the moment. Glad you figured it out.

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If you are opening it from the desktop shortcut, try right click on the shrt cut, click properties, in the run line select normal window. If the normal window fills the screen, so it looks as if it is maximised, you should be able to drag the bottom right hand corner diagonally up and left to reduce the size, then reposition the window. After closing, on reopening it should remember the size and position.


The position and size are determined by the settings in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Roxio\RoxioCentral33\Preference


First there is a value called AppMaxed. If that has a data of 1, right click on it, click modify, replace the 1 by 0, click OK.


AppPosX, AppposY give the position of the top left corner, AppsizeX, AppSizeY give the size in X and Y directions in pixels.


So if the shortcut setting and resize does not work, you could manually edit those.

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Hi -


I have a similar problem. When I open the software the program opens partially off the left side of the screen and is frozen there. I can change the size of the window by dragging the lower right hand corner - but I cannot drag the box to the right to center it on the screen.


Any thoughts to help fix this? I checked the preferences to make certain the "normal" was selected.


Many thanks in advance.



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