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ecdc_v5.3.5.10_plt_enu.exe behaving kinda strange


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OK! Finally got it to download. Then tried to run it.


Got to the point where it said to "press install to install'


Did that, waited a couple seconds and got what looked like a white DOS message box saying to restart windows to activate the changes or press "no" to do it later. Clicked on Yes, restarted and nothing else happened.

Expecting something else to continue after restarting, when nothing else DID happen, I ran the program again with the same results. This time I clicked NO.


The file mentioned is 18+ MB! The original 5.1 plt file was 17.1 (according to some site info). It takes longer than a couple seconds to install that many bytes, so what gives? Is ecdc_v5.3.5.10_plt_enu.exe a complete makeover, or just an upgrade?




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Hi David,


Usually when you update there's no fanfare or tra-la about it, the updated software is just there ready to go about its business.


If you want to make sure that your software was in fact updated properly, run CD Creator as if you were about to make a data disc (not Direct CD) and then go to the top bar and click on Help / About Easy CD Creator. A box will open and display the version number.


There's a message waiting for you, if you click on the '1 new messages' area up at the top right of this page.

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