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Roxio ‘Customer Service’ ??????

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Roxio ‘Customer Service’
I would like to share my experience with you – dear ROXIO community- and I am wondering, whether anyone of you spots any similarities. Perhaps – someone at COREL may read these lines and takes some necessary steps to make sure, that that their so-called ‘Customer Service’ returns to what it used to be: Serving customers, helping them to make either the products and/or , like in my case, an update run as they are supposed to.
So – here is my story: I had been using Roxio Creator since rel.4. , updated ever since without any great problem as I ordered a hard copy at extra cost each time. That was not available this time. My order and download date was 28/12/2022, and thus it ran into trouble early in the new year when trying on my DELL XPS notebook as per attached JPG.
Due to the holidays I called Roxio’s ‘Customer Service’ and was connected to a call centre
in SE Asia, as it turned out. Apart from being kept on hold for time on end, endless apologies for that and verbal commitments, that the person on the other end of the line would solve my problem, nothing was achieved other than I would receive an e-mail with solutions. As that did not happen on four occasions, I called again and it was like déjà vu with the exception that I had to submit screen shots, which I did. But not acknowledged!
This kind of un-productive circle carried on until the end of last week, when I finally received solutions via e-mail which did not in the slightest address the problem, namely the uninterrupted connection between my notebook and the COREL Download Server as the Corel data was ‘received as Cookies’ (sic.) on my end.
I suggested and was willing to pay – yet again- for hard copy, but this is / was ignored.
In summary: I paid for a product, which I liked in the past, but am still unable to make it work.
Any productive ideas are welcome - sooner than later. Thank you.


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